Culture of Innovation (Step 2) Culture of Innovation (Step 2)
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BeeOasis Step 2
(Part 1)


It was a warm summer evening. The sun had already set, and the city lights were shining. In a busy part of Tokyo, people were leaving work. Some were going home. Others were going out to enjoy the evening. It was an ordinary night. But in front of one store, over hundreds of people were lining up. They were not waiting to eat, drink, or dance. It was something else.

In fact, some had been waiting for days, sleeping by the street. As the evening passed, the line stretched around buildings. It crossed streets. It went down a hill into another part of town. It grew to over 1,000 people. And these people would wait all night long. The store would open at 7 o’clock in the morning. But not everybody would get what they wanted.

Television cameras and newspaper reporters were everywhere. One man waiting in line told his wife he was on a business trip. But TV cameras caught him sleeping in the line. Now he was worried that his wife would find out. It was like a big party on the street. But it was a strange party. All these people were waiting with excitement. But why?

The answer: they simply wanted a phone.

Strange. What was the big deal? It was just a phone. But this was the first iPhone. It was like an invention from the future. One person waiting in line said this. “I think Apple got the designs from a visitor from the future.” He was making a point. This was a futuristic and historic innovation.

Apple is a company known for innovation. Steve Jobs started the company. He said that the first rule at Apple is to make great products. The second rule is to make money in order to make great products. He said that companies stop innovating when salesmen lead. When this happens, product innovators take second place.

Innovation is hard work.

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