The Oldest People on Earth The Oldest People on Earth
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Many, many years ago, Egypt was the greatest country in the world. It was a beautiful land. It had a beautiful river called the Nile. Egypt had many great cities. There were also many large fields of grain. There was also much fine grass for sheep and cows.

Creative Commons Image by David Evers

Creative Commons Image by David Evers

The people of Egypt were very proud. They believed that they were the first and oldest of all nations.

“It was in our country that the first men and women lived,” they said. “All the people of the world were once Egyptians.”

At that time, there was a King in Egypt. His name was Atticus. He wanted to see if this was true or not. How could he find out? He tried first one plan and then another. But none of them proved anything at all. Then he called his wisest men together. He asked them, “Is it really true that the first people in the world were Egyptians?”

They said, “We don’t know, King. None of our history books go back so far.”

Then Atticus tried another plan. He looked among the poor people of the city. He found two little babies who had never heard a word spoken. He gave these babies to a man who cared for sheep. He ordered the man to raise the babies with his sheep. The babies would grow up far away from the homes of men.

“You must never speak a word to them,” said the king. “And you must not let anyone else speak to them.”

The man did as he was told. He took the children far away. They lived in a green field with his sheep. The man took good care of the children. He was kind and loving. But he never spoke to them.

The children grew up healthy and strong. They played with the baby sheep in the field. They saw no human being but the man who raised them. Two or three years went by. Then, one evening the man came home. He had gone on a visit to the city. He was happy to see the children running out to meet him. They held up their hands, as though they were asking for something. They cried out, “Becos! becos! becos!”

The man led them gently back to the house. And he gave them their usual dinner of bread and milk. He said nothing to them. But he wondered where they had heard the strange word “becos.” He wondered what it meant. After that, whenever the children were hungry, they cried out, “Becos! becos! becos!” Then the man gave them something to eat.

Sometime later, the man went to the city. He told the king that the children had learned to speak one word. But he did not know how they learned it, or where they learned it.

“What is that word?” asked the king.


Then the king called one of the wisest men in Egypt. The King asked him what the word meant.

“Becos,” said the wise man, “is an old Turkish word. It means bread.”

“What does this mean? They have never heard the word before. How are they able to speak a Turkish word?” asked the king.

The wise men answered in this way. “It must mean that the Turkish language was the first of all languages. These children are learning it just as the first people who lived on the earth.”

“So,” said the king, “Were the Turkish the first and oldest of all the nations?”

“Certainly,” answered the wise man.

And from that time the Egyptians always said this. “The Turkish are the first and oldest of nations on earth.”

This was a strange way of proving something. As everyone can easily see, it really proved nothing.

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