The Future on Your Wrist The Future on Your Wrist
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By Tek Smith
BeeOasis Step 2

The Apple Watch

The world was waiting with excitement. Three years earlier, Steve Jobs had died. Jobs was the head of Apple Computer. Under his leadership, Apple released many original products. These products included the iPod, the iPhone, iTunes, and the iPad.

These Apple products caused great changes. They changed the way people communicated, gathered information, and listened to music. And they made Apple Computer the most successful technology company in the world.

After Jobs died, Apple continued to make new products, but people worried that the revolutions had stopped. For three years, Apple made no revolutionary products. In fact, the company continued to make great products. But they did not greatly change the way people used technology and communicated with each other.

Then on September 9, 2014, Apple announced the “Apple Watch.”

What is the Apple Watch? It is not just a watch that tells time. It is a small computer that you wear on your wrist, and you can use it for many things. For example, with Apple Watch, you can text your friends. You can check and update your calendar, and you can keep track of your exercise and activity.

The Apple Watch includes “touch” and “feel” technology. You can draw a picture of a smile on the face of the watch, and you can quickly send this to a friend. The watch also feels the beat of your heart. You can even send your heartbeat to friends, and they can feel it on their wrist. In this way, the Apple Watch helps people communicate in a very personal way.

For these smart functions, and many more, the Apple Watch is called a Smartwatch. It is not the first Smartwatch in the world. Other companies like Samsung and Sony have released similar watches, and sales for these watches are growing quickly.

However, the Apple Watch is the most serious project so far. The basic version comes in two separate sizes with 18 different models. It is called Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Sport is lighter and comes in 10 separate models. The Apple Watch Edition is the high-class version, and it comes in 6 beautiful designs, made in real gold.

History will tell if the Apple Watch creates a revolution. But in the past, Apple has had great success with new technology, and now Apple is clearly trying to create a revolution with technology that people wear. This is called “wearable technology” or “wearables.”

Writer Kyle Chayka reported it this way. “The product looks to be the first . . . piece of wearable technology that millions will . . . want to buy.” He said that the Apple Watch “is the future on your wrist.” Again, history will tell if he is right.

You can decide for yourself. Watch the “reveal video” and see what you think and feel. I watched it over and over. When I saw the beautiful designs of the Apple Watch, I had the strangest feeling. I felt like I was in a time machine, looking into the future. The future was flying towards me, and it landed on my wrist!

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