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(Part 1)

GoldsmithBoxThere was once a kind man whose name was Oliver Goldsmith. Goldsmith had a gentle heart. He was always ready to help others. He was happy to share with them anything that he had. He had no family. So the people of his town became his family. He cared for them in the same way he would care for his own children. He gave away so much to the poor that he was always poor himself. And this made him happy, because he knew he was helping others.

He was sometimes called Doctor Goldsmith, for he had studied to be a physician.

One day a poor woman asked Doctor Goldsmith for help. She said, “Please go and see my husband. He is sick and cannot eat.” Goldsmith went to visit. He found that the family was in great need. He knew the family, and their story was a sad one.

The man and woman had married when they were young. They both came from poor families, but both worked very hard to make their lives better. After a while, they had saved enough to buy a nice little house. It looked like they would not be so poor as their own parents. The woman became pregnant, and they were excited to start a new family of their own.

But one day, the woman was in a terrible accident. She went into town to buy some things for their new house. They had a horse, and a little wagon, and she drove it into town. But on the way home, the horse was startled by a wild dog. The horse reared up, and tipped the cart over. The woman was badly hurt. She lost the baby. And from then on, she was also blind, because she injured her head. She was unable to work, and her husband had to work twice as hard to care for her. They were never able to have any children after that. And so, when they became older, they had no young, strong children to help take care of them.

Still, they were able to get by for a long time. But as the man became older, young men took the work he had once done. People didn’t want to hire him because he was older and slower. He had not had any work for a long time. He was not sick, but very, very sad. And, as for eating, there was no food in the house.

Then one evening, Goldsmith spoke to the woman. . .

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This story is adapted from Fifty Famous People by James Baldwin.

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