A Culture of Bribery A Culture of Bribery
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BeeOasis Step 4
(Part 1)

100 EurosIt was two hours before closing time. But Mr. Lee had to ask his customers to leave the store. “I’m very sorry. You have to leave now. I have special business to take care of.”

His wife looked sad. “The store is so busy, but we can’t sell any more food today,” she said.

Moving his customers out of the store, Mr. Lee apologized again. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Then he locked up the store and walked away. Mrs. Lee followed him.

“How much do you think we will have to pay?” asked Mrs. Lee.

“I don’t know,” said Mr. Lee. “We’ll find out when we get to the bank. Let’s hurry.”

Mrs. Lee looked worried. “I hope it’s not too much,” she said. “We don’t have that much money in savings.”

“Don’t worry,” said Mr. Lee. “It may be expensive, but getting into a good elementary school is the most important thing for our daughter. It’s her future.”

In a few minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Lee arrived at the bank. They went inside and walked to a small room in the back. When they opened the doors to the back room, they were shocked at what they saw.

School officials were waiting for them. They showed Mr. and Mrs. Lee a list of students, and on that list they could see how much each family had to pay.

“Your amount is $5,000,” said a school official who was wearing a black suit and tie. His back was very straight, and he didn’t smile. When Mrs. Lee heard this, she tried not to show her surprise.

Mr. Lee smiled willingly and said, “Thank you. We are very happy for our daughter.”

Mr. Lee made the deposit of $5,000 and then signed a piece of paper. The paper said, “This donation of $5,000 was voluntary.”

The school officials hurriedly moved Mr. and Mrs. Lee out of the back room, and then the couple left the bank. When they were far enough away, Mrs. Lee finally spoke. “I don’t care that it will take us two years to save that amount of money. It’s just not fair.”

Mr. Lee sighed. “It’s not fair because our daughter is the top student. Not only that, it’s against the law. But if we don’t pay, our dear daughter will have no future. We had to pay. We didn’t have any other choice.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s story is common in many places around the world. They had to give a bribe to school officials in order to receive their favor. Their daughter was actually the top student who applied to the school. But that didn’t matter. Without the bribe, she could not get in.

In most countries, bribery is illegal, but . . .

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