Saved by the Belt Saved by the Belt
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BeeOasis Step 3
(Part 1)

RedSportsCarMichelle ran out of the church. She got into her red Porsche, started the engine, and drove away. She turned onto Mulholland Drive and headed west, away from Los Angeles. With the top down, her white wedding veil and black hair blew in the wind. The sky was blue. The orange sun was setting over the ocean, and the Santa Monica Mountains stood majestically above her. But Michelle didn’t notice.

She was thinking about her fiancé, Steve. She asked herself, “If he doesn’t want to marry me, why doesn’t he just say so?” Of course, she didn’t know the answer, so she drove on, lost in her thoughts. Steve hadn’t shown up for the wedding, and Michelle’s special day was ruined.

As she neared Coldwater Canyon, Michelle reached down and turned on her stereo. “Maybe some music will make me feel better,” she thought to herself. But just as she reached down, she saw a white rabbit run out in front of her car.

Without thinking, Michelle turned her Porsche quickly to the left. The sports car cut sharply, heading out into the middle of the road. She avoided the rabbit. But just then a large truck came around the corner. Michelle had no choice. She could not go back to the right side the road.

Instead, she turned her car even farther to the left. In the confusion, she heard the horn of the truck go past her right ear. But at the same time, the road became strangely silent. The wheels of her red Porsche had left the ground, and for a second Michelle was flying.

Then, in an instant, the car stopped in mid-air with a terrible scraping sound. Michelle flew forward and up, but her safety belt caught her and held her back with painful force. In shock, Michelle looked out of her car. She could not believe her eyes.

Michelle was stuck in a tree on the edge of a cliff. Forty feet below her she saw rocks, grass, and large homes. She screamed as loud as she could. “Help! Somebody please help me!” But when she screamed, she shook the car, and it began to move.

Michelle held her breath. There was nothing she could do. She could only hope and pray that the car would not fall out of the tree and down the cliff. She sat there in her expensive sports car, in her white wedding dress, and she began to cry. . .

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