$80,000 for One Song $80,000 for One Song
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BeeOasis Step 2

crimedceneThe room is dark. You are alone. You are drinking a coke and downloading some songs from the Internet. Then you hear a crash. Your heart stops as you hear a man shout. “This is the police!” You catch your breath and say, “What?”

Then another man yells, “This is the FBI!” The muscles on your neck tighten. Your mind races, and you say, “What’s going on?” Then a woman screams, “This is the CIA! We are breaking down the door!” The door flies open. Boom! And the next thing you know, the police are taking you away…

This is a crazy scene. The images are sensational. The police, FBI, and CIA will not catch you just for downloading songs. But something sensational like this did happen. Jammie Thomas-Rasset is a single mother of four children. She is from Brainerd, Minnesota, in the USA. In February 2005, the police, FBI, and CIA did not come to Jammie’s house. But she was caught sharing 24 songs on the Internet.

After getting caught, things went bad for Jammie. In 2006, The recording industry took her to court. Jammie lost. She was supposed to pay a large fine. But the judge said there was an error in the trial. And Jammie had to go to court again. Then things got even worse. And she lost a second time.

This time the court ordered Jammie to pay $80,000 for each song. With this kind of money, Jammie could buy a very expensive BMW. But Jammie downloaded 24 songs, so the total was almost $2,000,000. That’s enough to buy a big house on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. Jammie is in big trouble. She cannot pay the money. She does not have it. The recording industry seems to be using her as an example. They want you to feel fear and think like this. “The next time you download music from the internet, remember Jammie Thomas-Rasset.”

I read this story! Honestly!

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