Making Work Fun: The Levity Effect (Step 2) Making Work Fun: The Levity Effect (Step 2)
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BeeOasis Step 2
(Part 1)

A manager at a company was interviewing a job candidate. The manager said, “We need a very responsible person for this job. We need someone who can take charge.”

The candidate’s eyes lit up, and he answered with great confidence. “Sir, your search ends here! I’m the one. In my previous job, whenever something went wrong, everybody said I was responsible.”

In this play on words, the manager uses “responsible” to mean “take charge.” But the candidate’s meaning is different. He means “to be the cause of something.” And in this case, that something is bad. In the real world, no serious job candidate will make this mistake in an interview. But maybe this candidate was actually joking at the time.

Telling a joke during a job interview might be risky. But business experts Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher may disagree. They have written a book called The Levity Effect. The word “levity” carries the idea of treating serious matters with lightness and humor. The authors say that humor at work is a serious matter. They claim that humor can help build a more productive, focused, and faithful group of workers. It can help make an office better and more successful. What is your place of work like? Is it fun? The Levity Effect says a good place of work should be fun.

The book is based on research, and the research says this: When leaders create a fun place to work, a number of positive results will follow. Employees begin to trust each other more, and they work more creatively. Communication improves. All this leads to better employee attitudes and higher profits. It also can cause people to stay at a company longer. The book even claims that funnier managers are more successful at sales, and so they make more money than other workers.

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  • Na Wei

    February 4, 2013 #1 Author

    The part 1 of the reading about”Making Work Fun: The Levity Effect” tells us the levitate behavior and a fun place to work can appear in the business, It can help build a more productive, focused, the trustful relationship among the workers, and even give them more creative mind. All these effects leads employees hold positive attitudes to stay a company longer and make higher profits. They also point out that humor mangers are more successful. I really agree this opinion. Cause I have seen a introduction program about a company, named Baidu, in China. It is a famous IT firm in my country. They give enough rights to their employees to decorated their own work space. Like you can take anything to work. your dog, your pot culture, your sofa, or even your little bed. If you want, you also can carry your home to company., of course, just do anything in your own space. According to this action, all the workers feel so relax and have more creative idea to make more production and require higher profits. I think it is a good mode of management in a outstanding company. I also believe the meager who thought of the mode, is a absolutely intelligent leader.