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BeeOasis Step 2
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Mary and Joe are from Portland, Oregon. They are both sixteen years old, and they have many friends. But when they go to college, they may have to leave their hometown and friends. Mary likes the arts, especially music. And Joe likes English, but they both know that it might be hard to get a job as a musician or writer. How can they choose a college? Where should they go?

Mary and Joe feel like they have too many choices. In fact, there are over 4000 colleges and universities in the U.S. Are you like Mary and Joe? Maybe you need a few ideas to help you choose a college.

Remember that you need to start early. Give yourself a lot of time to decide. You’ll need to use as many resources as you can. Talk to guidance counselors at your school. Visit university websites. Ask your friends where they are going, but search for the place that fits you best. And as you do your research, write application and scholarship deadlines on a calendar.

Here are three steps you can follow when you begin your search.

Step 1: Do your basic search. In the beginning, try to be free. Think of as many possibilities and places as you can. Dream a little. At the same time, think about these things, too:

  1. costs
  2. number of students and class sizes
  3. location and weather
  4. available majors and courses

You can find this information online, from school counselors, and from books and magazines. Remember that every university will have an About Page for people like you.

Step 2: Narrow your list of schools. Think about where you want to live and what you want to study. Limit your list to schools that are in the places you like and that provide the study program you need. Be careful about costs, but remember, too, that financial aid can help you go to your dream school.

Step 3: Visit your favorite schools. You will spend two to four years in college. You will also spend a lot of money. So it is important for you to visit schools before you decide. Visit campuses when school is in session. Then you can get an idea of what each school is really like. Try to meet with a professor or two. Prepare questions for them and interview them if you can. Visit some classes and talk with students. Check out the campus, including any campus stores and the library. Try to imagine yourself there as a student. If you do these things, you will be on your way to making a good decision about where to go to college.

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