Don’t Read = Can’t Read Don’t Read = Can’t Read
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By Joseph Poulshock, PhD
BeeOasis Step 2
(Part 1)

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” Mark Twain

Mark Twain in the Tesla Science Lab

Mark Twain was the funniest man in America. He went on adventures. He travelled the world. He met presidents and kings. And he told great stories and jokes. He was a colorful person, and he loved books. When you think of a book lover, maybe you think of a boring and dull person. You might say this about him. “He’s always got his head in a book, and he can’t talk to people.”

But Mark Twain was different. He shows us something powerful about readers, writers, and book lovers. Reading is an experience that can help you. It can help you become an interesting, funny, lively, knowledgeable, and even a high-powered person. Reading brings you great advantages. By reading, you gain language skills, learning, wisdom, pleasure, a sense of humor, and adventure. But if you don’t read, you lose.

Mark Twain’s Library

Twain’s comment above tells us this. Not reading equals not being able to read. If you don’t read, you lose all its benefits and blessings. You become just like the person who cannot read. For example, Mary has hundreds of expensive books in her house, but she doesn’t read them. Joseph has no books in his house, so, of course, he cannot read at home. But Mary is no better off than Joseph because she doesn’t read her books. It is also like this. Mary has a lot of money hidden in her house, but she doesn’t know about it. Joseph has no money. So, practically speaking, they are both poor.

Why doesn’t Mary read? Maybe she is too busy. Maybe she thinks that books are boring. Maybe she’s lazy. Maybe she doesn’t see the value of reading. It is also possible that she is not a good reader. If she learns how to read better, maybe Mary will read more. As she becomes a better reader, then she can better enjoy the benefits of reading.

Are you like Mary, or, are you a good reader? What is a good reader, and how can you become better at reading? Look at the list below about reading. Are these statements true or false? A good reader . . .

•    reads a text from beginning to end
•    understands everything she reads
•    looks up all new words in a dictionary
•    always reads fast
•    always uses the same techniques with every text

Now compare the ideas above with the explanations below. They come from reading expert Christine Nuttal. A good reader is . . .

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  • Aogu Furuhata

    May 21, 2012 #1 Author

    Reading is important activity for humans life,because we can get great experience,skills,and wisdom through reading.
    If you don’t read,you are almost same can’t reading.You must become a good reader.However,what is a good reader? How we become it?
    If you thought it,you should see next part.

    • Yahya Alsharif

      January 26, 2013 #2 Author

      of course reading is very important for everyone especially the students who try to learning a second language to learn second language is not easy, so you have to learn a lot of activities that will not easy to learn it if you do not read, so you have to read and read and read. According to the article” if you do not read you can not read ” I agree with that,but sometimes I try to read all the text in the fast way however, after finish I do not understand everything.

  • Fatimah Alhaddad

    January 27, 2013 #3 Author

    The main idea in this reading was about Mark Twains story.He was funniest man in America, and he met alot of kings, and told them stories or jokes. Although he did not have books in his house , but he read more than people who have books in thier houses.I agree with the aother about if you do not read, you do not have advanturs. I think, if you want to have a good Knowledge, you must read a lot.

  • 纳薇

    January 28, 2013 #4 Author

    The essay is talk about reading ability. The main idea is to show us the advantages about reading and the correct ways to read. I was shocked by the sentence”Not reading equals not being able to read”. Before see it, I just think that no reading is not serious problem in our life because we may just have no enough time to read some extra knowledge . Like me, I should finish so many tasks in everyday so that I have no energy and time to reading the extra book except the TOEFL material and the course texts. But after reading the essay, I change my mind from 3 points in the essay.
    The fist one is that reading is not necessary to empty a continued long time to read a extra book or something, it just whatever and wherever you want to read. Like my TOEFL material and texts, they also belong to the reading content..
    The second is that reading is not just read, it is also a way to improve our language skills, vocabulary, learning,wisdom even a sense of humor. I always respect someone who can show a funny and humor characters when they talk to others, at the begging, I think it is their inborn skills. But now, I realize that it may because they read more.
    The third one is make a correct way to read is also significant to a good reader. If we use a incorrect way to read, we may can not find the interest of reading and the confidence to read. So slowly or quickly, focus on a word or parts, aloud or silent, it is all influence the quality of reading, and then help us like reading and benefit from reading.