Photo Art: Composition (1 in a Series) Photo Art: Composition (1 in a Series)
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composition - 4Cameras and photos are everywhere today. For example, Flickr is a photo sharing site. People put thousands of photos on Flickr every minute. And some of these photos are excellent. The photographer Ansel Adams once said this. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” This story is about the composition of “making good photos.”

Composition concerns how you balance the lines, patterns, and parts of a picture. Here the man is framed by lines of shoes and light. For the lighthouse shot, the grass and tower outline and emphasize the flower. Lines in a photo can create a sense of direction. Curved lines make us feel quiet and calm. Repeating lines, like these windows, give us a sense of rhythm.

Lily by JWPThe “rule of thirds” is important for composition in painting and photography. In this photo, two lines go from left to right. Two more lines go from top to bottom. This divides the picture into 9 equal parts. With the “rule of thirds,” we place the focal point where the lines meet. Notice the red flower rests on the crossing lines.

composition - 1Composition also concerns focus and zoom. This picture shows yellow flowers with a background out of focus. The photographer zoomed in close to the flowers. This zoom moves your eyes to the flowers in front. The flower lines in back don’t touch the flower lines in front. This separates the background from the focal point and moves your eyes to the right place.

Composition is basic to making good photos. Photographers are careful with the lines, patterns, and balance of their pictures. They take many different pictures of the same thing. This increases their chances of catching a good shot. And then they can choose the best of the set.

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Parts of this story were adapted from A Digital Picture of Britian — How to Take Photo

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    March 2, 2011 #1 Author

    With advance technology today, taking photos is very easy and various cameras are available in the market. What’s important is that we like and love what we are doing. This way, we can give out positive results.


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    I like taking a picture