Gandhi: Man of Peace (Step 1) Gandhi: Man of Peace (Step 1)
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By Max L. Knowles
BeeOasis Step 1

Five times they tried to kill him. Five times they failed. But today was different. It was a usual day. Gandhi was on his way to a meeting. He was going to talk to the people. He always talked about peace. But then it happened.

A man approached Gandhi. Strangely, his body language was respectful. But then the man shot Gandhi three times at close range. As Gandhi lay dying, some people heard him say, “Oh God.”

Mohandas Gandhi is known as the father of India. He was a politician, thinker, and spiritual leader. In Gandhi’s time, the British had ruled India for about 190 years. And many Indians had a very difficult time under the British.

Gandhi helped India become free from British rule. He fought for freedom through peaceful action. And he did not use violence. He thought that the British might stop using violence against Indians if Indians were peaceful.

India has many languages, people groups, and religions. But Gandhi was respected in all of India. Under his leadership, India became united. People worked together for freedom from the British. Gandhi encouraged Indians to stop supporting British power.

Indians did not accept jobs and products from the British. Gandhi called for the British to “Quit India.” And because of this, Gandhi was locked up many times. But after much hardship, India became free from Britain. The date of independence was August 15, 1947.

Gandhi lived simply. He had few things. And he gave his life to help others. But sadly, in 1948, he was killed by Nathuram Godse. Godse was a very serious Hindu. Godse said that Gandhi caused trouble for Hindus. He felt Gandhi was giving away too much to Muslims.

Gandhi’s death made many people very unhappy. All around the world, people expressed their sadness. Today, Gandhi is considered a great man. Many people followed his example, including Doctor Martin Luther King. Gandhi showed a way to change the world. He did it by peaceful action.

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  • Yahya Alsharif

    February 10, 2013 #1 Author

    Gandhi made an influence with peaceful way, and he became a characteristic person and a lot of people admire him, so some people who do not like that tried to kill him many times. Always he was talking about peace. He known as the father of India and every year they have special day to remember him. He was a great leader, and he helped became free from British rule, but with peaceful way. He did not tell people to use the power, just he told them to refuse the jobs with British or buy anything from them, too. Step by step India became independent in 1947. Gandhi killed in 1948 by Nathuram Godsu, who was a very serious Hindu, because he thought that Gandhi against the Hindus. Everyone was unhappy when he killed. Later, a lot of leaders followed his way to change like Martin Luther King in the U.S. Finally, there are a lot of wars and kill around the world in Gandhi’s time, but he changed a lot of bad things without power, he changed by peaceful. Therefor, I admirer this man.